Thursday, April 20, 2006

Market report

I think I'll take the easy path today, post something simple which doesnt require much thinking! HAHA!

Let's see, let me report on the current market conditions.

The ringgit is currently trading around 3.6614MYR/USD. Still appreciation but sadly its only against the USD

MYR forwards tighten amid expectation of rate hike after the March CPI surged to 4.8 percent from February's 3.2 percent. Again, more reason for BNM to increase the OPR on April 25th.

Thanks to March's CPI, bond prices fell. More selling to come?

The International Monetary Fund has downgraded Malaysia's economic growth forecast for 2006 to 5.5 percent from 6 percent amid inflationary pressure.

On the equity side, it was revealed that Goldman Sachs bought a total of 40.08 million DIGI shares in early April, making them a substantial shareholder with a stake of 5.34 percent

Its 4:55 pm right now, KLCI is standing at 944.25, 1.72 points below yesterday's

Top gainers
IOI Corp $13.80 +0.20
Genting $25.50 +0.25
Gamuda $4.00 +0.16
Bursa Malaysia $6.20 +0.20

Top losers
Petronas Gas $9.00 -0.30
Maybank $11.10 -0.10
MISC $8.85 -0.05
Public Bank $6.60 -0.05

Moving out of Malaysia, Asian consumer eletronics stocks rose after earnings improved for US technology companies.

Well, thats all, back to work!


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